Your Home Needs Proper Light and Privacy

By | 06/10/2017

For maximum comfort, it’s important to create the right amount of light and privacy in your home. Whether you prefer sun-drenched spaces or cool shaded rooms, adequate light and privacy is essential for a comfortable interior. Creating just the right amount of light and privacy in your home can be a difficult task, but choosing the right window treatments and window tinting for homes will make the task much easier.

Blinds and Shutters

Blinds and shutters offer simplicity and versatility at affordable prices. Whether your design style is traditional, modern or eclectic, blinds and shutters will give any room a neat, uncluttered appearance with sophisticated appeal. Since they both have movable louvers, they provide a good solution for light and privacy control for every room in the house. Blinds and shutters are available in natural wood and vinyl materials in a wide range of slat sizes, finishes and colors.

* Natural Wood – Natural wood blinds and shutters are more expensive than vinyl,but they’re available in an array of beautiful wood colors and finishes. You can choose from lighter woods like pine, oak and birch or darker woods like mahogany, cherry and walnut. For a more dramatic look, they also come in exotic woods like zebra wood and Brazilian walnut, as well as high-gloss lacquers.

* Vinyl – Vinyl blinds and shutters are made from man-made materials that are easy to clean and maintain in most any interior environment. Unlike natural wood, vinyl materials will not fade or crack from sun and heat or warp when exposed to excessive moisture. They provide a good solution for bathroom and kitchen windows where steam and water can create problems.

Window Shades

Unlike blinds and shutters, window shades don’t offer the versatility of movable louvers for light and privacy control. They must be raised and lowered to achieve both. When they’re raised, you may gain maximum light, but you lose privacy. However, window shades do offer a larger variety of style options. With thousands of beautiful fabrics, woven woods, and trims to choose from, it’s easy to find ready-made shades or create custom shades that complement any design style and budget. For more privacy, window shades can be lined. Privacy linings are translucent, so they allow some amount of light to come through the shades. Blackout linings are opaque, so they provide total privacy by blocking out all natural light through the shades.