What To Do When Your Basement Has Flooded

By | 09/05/2017

No one wants to stumble upon the horrible sight of their basement full of water. However, a flooded basement is something that many homeowners will deal with at some point or another. While basements typically flood due to natural causes like rain, sometimes burst pipes can also be the culprit. Whatever the reason, time is of the essence when one’s basement has flooded. Here’s what to do when you encounter the problem.

Get Rid Of The Water

In most situations, when a basement floods, the water will eventually drain out by itself. However, if there is a clog in your drainage pipes, then you will need to call a professional who can unclog the pipe so that the water can drain away. Once there’s no standing water, it’s important to get the area as dry as possible. This is a messy job that can be accomplished with rags, open windows and fans, provided that it’s safe to use the electrical outlets. It’s important to get your basement as dry as possible as excess water can cause mold in the walls and floors.

Survey The Damage

When basements flood, it’s rarely with clean water. It’s usually with contaminated water that contains at least trace amounts of sewage. For this reason, many items in a basement flood will not be salvageable. Anything with a hard surface can be bleached and power-washed, but fabric and furniture items will often have to be put in the trash. As you survey the damage, be sure to write down what had to be disposed of for your insurer.

Make Repairs and Prepare For Next Time

If you want to repair any damage that was done to your basement and prevent future floods from taking a similar toll, find a company that offers both basement waterproofing and foundation repair. This will ensure that your home is not only repaired after this most recent flood, but that it sustains less damage should another flood occur.

Remember, never attempt to enter your basement while there is still a significant amount of standing water, as this water is typically quite unclean and can be toxic. Only enter your basement when there is less than six inches of water and only when wearing waterproof footwear. Possessions can always be replaced and it’s never worth risking your health to try to salvage an item.