What should you do About Fallen or Damaged Trees on Your Property?

By | 11/08/2017

Trees provide comfortable shade in the hot months and beauty all year round. They’re especially beautiful if they change colors in autumn. But what happens if you notice that your trees don’t look healthy any more, if they begin to break, lean to one side, or show signs of disease or rot? You may even notice damage after a storm that involved high winds or lightening. The best advice is to be proactive any time you suspect that a tree on your property might become a hazard.

Left untouched, damaged trees can cause further damage to property or injuries to people. Damaged trees can cause power outages when branches break and fall near electrical wires. They can also cause fires if they’re situated near wires. Wayward branches can damage your home, property or even a vehicle if one or more branches break off. If a branch falls on a person, there can be serious injuries.

How do you know if Your Tree is a Hazard?

Sure signs that a tree is a hazard include large, dead branches, cracks or splits in the trunk or where the branches attach, areas of rotting wood on the trunk, the beginning of cavities in the trunk, trees nearby that have fallen or are dead, or even a tree that is leaning to one side. It’s also important to note whether your yard has recently been near construction or new landscaping. Even something that may not seem problematic like mushrooms growing near the base of the tree can signal fungus or developing disease.

It pays to call an expert in emergency tree removal for help and advice. You’ll need to let them know if there was recent new landscaping or construction that might have caused your tree problem, or if you’ve recently experienced a severe storm with high winds or lightning that may have affected your tree. They’ll also examine your other trees for signs of disease, fungus or other potentially damaging issues. Noting all these possibilities helps in deciding what the next plan of action should be to avoid property damage or injuries.

Let Experts Handle Tree Problems

It’s always smart to let experts in tree care and removal inspect trees and take whatever action is needed. You don’t want to tackle trying to remove a tree yourself because that could lead to injury from falling branches or from when the tree itself falls over. Experts know exactly how to do the job safely. They have the right equipment and knowledge of the best ways to remove damaged trees. Caring for your trees in the safest way is always the best advice.