Top Water Filter Systems

By | 20/10/2018

Almost every home in the future will have a water filtration system because we are using too much fresh water, so we have to look up other options. Technology has gone far these years in this field, meaning that we have now many options to choose from. If you are just looking for clean drinking water, you can get a smaller one that has a capacity of around 3000 gallons.

If you are looking for clean water in the whole house there are bigger and more expensive filters. There are many companies now that compete in this market, so you should do your research first. The main reasons why you should use a water filtration system are the health benefits that every filter has.

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APEC Top Tier

If you just want to buy the best one according to user feedback, you can check online and one of the choices would be APEC. This water filtration system is made in the US and can clean up to 97% of contaminants like lead, copper, arsenic, and many more chemicals from your water. It’s based on reverse osmosis that has certain membranes which cleans the water. A filter that 100% cleans the water doesn’t exist, so everything above 95% is great.

A great thing about this one is that you have to replace the filters after six months, and just three out of five, and the rest of the filters can be changed every two years. The system arrives with a lead-free chrome drain for simple drinking. The first setting is great for filling your drinking glass that turns on the tap while you are pushing the button. There are also the Leak-Free Parts that guarantee you won’t be cleaning up spills every time you are using it.

This unit requires installation unlike portable filters. The only thing you should look out for is the area under the sink, can the filter fit in. It isn’t a hard job to do, and it usually takes around 30 minutes to install.

Brita 10 Cup

We usually don’t think that much about water when we drink it from a faucet, but when you try purified water, you will notice immediately the difference. The advantage of this type is that you don’t have to install it and it is very easy to use. It contains 10 cups of water and can diminish the odor and taste of chlorine, cadmium, mercury, and copper, affecting not only the taste but also your health.

You will need to replace the filter for every 40 gallons or roughly every two months. There is a helpful sticker on the top for you to hold track of when it has to be replaced. The filters are very cheap, and you can get three for around $15. One of the tips for this water filter is not to fill it all the way up if you put it in the refrigerator because it can spill if it’s full. Read more on this link.

PUR water filter

Because there are many designs, some companies came to the idea to make a filter that you don’t have to constantly replace because it is attached directly on the faucet. When you install it, every drop of water will go through the system which will give you clean water.

This type of filter is confirmed to remove over 60 various contaminants including 92% of certain pesticides, 96% of the mercury, and 99% of the lead. The water will have a refreshing taste because of the mineral core it flows through.

A good feature is the LED light that will inform you when you have to change it. The capacity of every filter is 100 gallons that can be spread over 2 months for the average household. Also, the design is very unique, and it looks more futuristic than other models. There is a renewed model which now has an improved grip, a leakproof connector, and 60% greater battery life.

WaterChef C7000

It includes high-level filtering system by using a Big Block tech which is placed in it. It is constructed to filter out a broad range of contaminants which includes VOCs, benzene, chlorine, lead, cyst and extra toxic chemicals. Additionally, it arrives with a smart monitor system that notes how much you are using the product. When to replace the cartridge can also be seen on the monitor.

Brondell H2O

It comes in a thin design and also has got three levelsfiltration system. This countertop water filtration system combines three excellent filters inside, that involves a Nanotrap, carbon block filter, and a composite plus filter. After going through the system we end up with water cleaned from harmful chemicals, bad organic compound that can fit with most of the drain systems. By using T-valve it can also be converted in under-sink system.

Watts 500315

This type of water filter is known for its portability part and can be applied for the home purpose and also as for camping purposes or an RV. It is a countertop filter that helps in decreasing contaminants like chlorine, silt, rust and also any sand.

The installation is very easy to be done and you will need simply one valve. The result of its small design is that it can fit easily in small spaces as a counter-top system. The filter can last up to six months. You can use any ten-inch filter when you are replacing the old one.

Zen water systems

This system is able to perform a lot of actions. We can call it a multi-functional that performs various processes like alkalizing, filtration, magnetizing, it can add minerals we need and also purification. It is made out of pores that are micro-ceramic that help in filtering around 98% of the chlorine, herbicides, bacteria, pesticides, harmful chemicals. Zen filtration system has a cartridge that has 5 stages of filtration that has carbon in it. There is also a benefit of removing bad taste and odor.