The greatest paintings of Gustav Klimt

By | 14/08/2018

Painting is not only a hobby, but a passion and a talent that runs in one’s blood. If you have such a great hand to paint, then you cannot only use this to earn for a living, instead you can use this as a way to be famous and successful. Many people from across the globe go to different countries to buy expensive Art pieces. While some of them simply go online to buy paintings from various well-known artists, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Jan van Eyck, Johannes Vermeer and Gustav Klimt to name a few. Do you know that if you own any masterpiece from these painters, then that is something to be proud of?

Nowadays, a lot of Arts enthusiasts and lovers go online to search for a perfect work of Art for their commercial and residential buildings. Sometimes, it is not really easy to land into a site, who sells original paintings. But, if you are a collector and looking for oil paintings, then there is one site I know that is worth may pay a visit. Why don’t you click here and browse the greatest paintings of Gustav Klimt. He has a lot of remarkable paintings that you may love to have.

Who is Gustav Klimt?

Gustav Klimt was born in Austria in 1862 and died in 1918 at the age of 55. He was a famous painter and a conspicuous member of a movement, called the Vienna Secession. He is not only known because of his great paintings, but with murals and sketches as well. Most of his subjects symbolize eroticism because they were primarily a female body. Aside from that, he also paints landscapes. The Japanese Art actually influenced his work of Arts.

The early years of his career as an artist seemed to be very successful. He even manages architectural designs. But, as usual, Gustav Klimt was not excused for being criticized. That was in the year 1900s, when he finished painting the Great Hall ceiling at the University of Vienna. The public criticized it as a pornographic work. Anyway, this criticism has opened another opportunity for him to be successful because of the golden phase painting. He had been a notable influence to the younger generation, especially for EgonSchiele. Who do you think is this person? You may read more to find out?

Greatest paintings and drawings of Gustav Klimt

Some of the greatest paintings of Gustav Klimt are called The Blind Man or Der Blinde in 1896, Tranquil Pond or Stiller Weiher in 1899, Judith and the Head of Holofernes of 1901, HermineGalia portrait in 1904, The Three Ages of Woman in 1905, FritzaRiedler portrait in 1906, Danae in 1907, Hope II in 1907 – 1908, Mada Gertrude Primavesi in 1912, Eugenia Primavesi in 1913 – 1914, SchlossKammer Park in 1912, Girlfriends in 1916 – 1917 and Idylle in 1884.

Some of his great paintings were destroyed in 1945, such as the Schubert am Klavier or Schubert at the Piano in 1899, Philosophie in 1899 – 1907, Medicine in 1899 – 1907 and Jurisprudence in 1899 – 1907. I know that, if only we have kept the paintings, then maybe we should have saved them. But, if you would like to know the reason why they were destroyed, then go to for more details.

He has also had famous drawings, such as the Two Female Nudes Standing in 1900, Girl Seated in a chair in 1904 and the Masturbation or Frau bei der Selbstbefriedigung in 1913. In my opinion, he may have an erotic side and people would not really appreciate it. But, this is his form and way of expressing Art. This is his passion, so people should really appreciate and respect it.

Success and Fame

Being a famous and known for his work of Arts, Gustav Klimt also received an award in Rome for his painting called, the Death and Life and that was in 1911. It would be great to know more about this painting.

It would be great, if he was given the chance to live longer, so that he can continue painting and serve as an inspiration to many artists. But, unfortunately, he died in February 6th of 1918 because of an epidemic influenza that same year. He suffered from a stroke and got sick because of pneumonia. He was later on buried in Hietzing, Vienna.

Gustav Klimt died, but his masterpieces have lived in the hearts of those who have a passion and love for the Arts, especially his paintings. Do you know that he even has unfinished paintings? You may click this, to see how the painting is. It may look unfinished, but why don’t you use your wildest imagination and think about how it ended. Just keep in my mind that you love the Arts and you can always draw any picture or symbol you would love to have.