Preparation For The Winter

By | 12/04/2018

A lot of people take their heating and cooling systems for granted and believe that they will always have a home that is just the right temperature at any given time. What they don’t always know is that an HVAC system requires regular maintenance if it is to work properly. Since we’re heading into spring, here is what you should be doing to get your HVAC system ready for the upcoming cooling season.

Change Your Air Filters

Even though you should be changing your air filters once a month, it’s a bit of maintenance that is often overlooked by homeowners. As you get the rest of your home ready this spring, use that time as a reminder to change your HVAC system’s air filters if you haven’t done so this month.

Clean Off Your Outdoor Unit

If you live in a home with a centeral air conditioning system, you almost certainly have an outdoor AC unit that has become covered in leaves, branches, and other debris over the last several months. Take some time to clear it off so your AC system will have unrestricted air flow.

Reprogram Your Thermostat

If you have a reprogrammable thermostat, you can save a lot of money on your energy bill by reprogramming it to better suit the summer weather. If you want the most energy-efficient setting for your thermostat, set it for 78 degrees Fahrenheit when you are home and 88 degrees Fahrenheit when you are away. This sounds like it would be too hot, but it will keep your home comfortable during the summer without leaving you with a huge utility bill.

Schedule a Maintenance Call

Even though there are potential problems with your HVAC system that you might be able to spot by yourself, you are almost always better off having a professional inspect your system before you really need it. A routine inspection could uncover minor issues that can and should be fixed before they get too big and expensive to do so. Just contact one of the many HVAC companies Williamsburg VA has to offer to schedule a visit in the spring before you have to start running your AC nonstop.