PG Bison’s new MelaWood Premium Range and where it fits best

By | 21/06/2018

PG Bison recently released what they are calling their Premium Range. This range consists of MelaWood® SupaGloss™, released in 2017, as well as two new premium laminate board products – MelaWood® SupaTexture and MelaWood® SupaMatt™. As far as MelaWood® colours go, each of the three premium ranges offer their own set of unique colours in addition to the standard MelaWood® colours and finishes.

Why choose MelaWood®?

PG Bison manufactures MelaWood® products with years of experience and know-how to guarantee that the product will last. MelaWood® uses either BisonBord® or SupaWood® as a core, with melamine-impregnated, decor paper bonded to the board’s surfaces usingheat and pressure. The MelaWood® premium range products all have SupaWood® as a core.

MelaWood® laminate board panels are design to take knocks which means that they are durable as well as scuff, stain, and moisture resistant making them particularly easy to clean.

What makes this a premium range?

MelaWood® SupaGloss™ boast a UV hardened glass-like surface that is in line with international standards. This product brings a classy, modern feel to any space without compromising on durability.

MelaWood® SupaMatt™ is PG Bison’s latest edition to their range of laminate board panels. The matt surface of the boards looks as though it has been painted on and offers a softer, warmer atmosphere. This product is only available in three colours for now; Iceberg White, Strom Grey, and Super Black.

MelaWood® SupaTexture™ not only looks good but feels good, and real, too. The wood-like texture of the board disguises that the product, is in fact, a laminate board and adds an authentic feel to your spaces.

Where does the MelaWood Premium Range work best?

As with standard MelaWood® panels of the MelaWood® Premium Range are best used in vertical applications such as kitchens, built-in-cupboards, office furniture and shop fittings. The laminate panel products can also be used in horizontal application for furniture items such as bedside tables or coffee tables, but are not ideal as worktops or kitchen countertops. For worktop options Formica LifeSeal Worktops are better suited.

For more information on the MelaWood® ranges visit your local hardware store, cut and edge professional, or visit their website directly: