Modern Design Ideas For Teen Girls In The Bedroom

By | 06/10/2017

Teen girls sometimes want bright colors and fun patterns and designs in a bedroom. If you need to remodel a bedroom for a teen girl after she has been in a room with decorations and colors for a toddler or younger child, there are a few ideas that you might want to keep in mind. There are a few ideas that cater more to the girl who thinks of herself as a princess while other bedroom designs are a bit more serious and include features to make studying or spending time with friends a bit easier.

Create a Victorian room by painting the walls with cream-colored paint and hints of a darker yellow along the edges of the room and in the crevices of the doors and details of the walls. Hang curtains that are the same cream shade and rose. Add details in the room that are the same rose color to bring out the cream. Avoid a lot of bold patterns. Instead, try to include more floral patterns, ruffles, and pillows. A plush rug adds depth to the room. You can put a canopy bed in the room as well to complete the Victorian image.

There are a few bold design ideas that utilize your teen’s favorite color. Paint the walls a lighter shade of her favorite color with one wall featuring a fun design using a darker shade of the same color. Ideas include floral patterns, polka-dots or stripes. A renovation contractor can change out the floor to hardwood or laminate so that you can put a plush rug in the room that is the same color as the walls and other details. Use modern shelves, bookcases, and nightstands instead of those that are an older style. Clean lines are a popular trend in bedrooms today instead of curves and elegant details. A fun idea for a teen bedroom is plush white carpet, teal walls, white furniture and white and black animal print. Your teen could also create a bedroom that features pictures of favorite authors, actors or musicians on the wall along with a few geometric shapes, such as squares or triangles.