Maintenance Of Your Home Air Conditioner To Be Durable

By | 14/02/2018

If you live in Florida, there is nothing worse than having your air conditioner break down on you. While you can certainly start entering “AC repair Bradenton” in your search engine of choice once this happens, you’re better off knowing when to call a repair technician before things get to that point. Here are just a few signs that you will need an air conditioner repair service sooner rather than later.

Your Utility Bills Are Too High

If you have your air conditioner set at a reasonable level and aren’t running it more than you have to yet you still have high utility bills, there might be something wrong with your system. An air conditioner that is in need of maintenance will have to work harder to keep a space cool, which will use more energy and result in higher bills.

Your Home Cools Off Unevenly

A home that is warmer than it should be even when your air conditioner is set at a low temperature can also be an indicator that something is wrong. That much should be a given, but what you might not notice right away is whether certain rooms in your home cool off faster than others. Your HVAC system should affect your entire home when it is working properly. If you walk into a room and it is considerably warmer than the rest of the house despite your air conditioning being turned on, you might need to have your ducts cleaned and your central unit serviced.

Your Air Conditioner Is Over 20 Years Old

An air conditioner should work just fine for at least 20 years as long as it is well maintained. Sadly, even the most reliable HVAC systems have their limit. If you’ve had the same heating and air conditioning system for over two decades, it’s time to either find a replacement or arrange for more frequent maintenance visits.

You Notice Strange Sounds from Your Unit

Finally, your air conditioner may need to be repaired if you notice any rattling, thumping, or any other strange sounds when it is turned on. All you should hear is a slight whoosh when your air conditioner starts working. Other sounds may not be cause for alarm, but they are indicators that something needs to be checked out soon.