How to Avoid Accidental Lockouts

By | 12/09/2019

Nothing is more frustrating than rushing outside to meet a delivery person, only to find that you’ve locked yourself out of your home. Suddenly, your plans for your day are derailed. Perhaps you have to make an embarrassing call to an employer or friend to say that you will be late. While Orlando lockout services can help you this time, you certainly want to avoid a repeat occurrence. 

Make It a Habit to Always Carry Keys Outside

Hang your keys by your door on a hook. When you go outside, even if it is just to get the newspaper, put the key in your pocket. This helps to make it a habit to always check that you have your key with you when you step outside. Some doors are easy to accidentally lock behind you by banging against them; having a key on you will prevent this from becoming a disaster.

Leave Spare Keys With a Neighbor

Choose two neighbors who have a schedule similar to yours to hold spare copies of your keys. In return, you can offer to hold their keys. Choose trustworthy neighbors that you know will not enter your house without your permission. It can be helpful to copy your key in a distinctive color that your neighbor can easily tell apart from their other keys.

Hide a Spare Key in a Lockbox

Thieves know to look for spare keys under fake rocks, flower pots, and doormats. If you hide a key under a real rock in a garden, bad weather or animals could displace the key. Some people hide spare keys in a wallet, but if your wallet is stolen, the thief knows your home address from your drivers’ license. A spare key in a car’s glove box will not help you if you have run out of the house and your car keys are still inside the house. Instead of these options, get a lockbox with a code.

With some good habits and planning you can prevent the pain of future lockouts.