Headline: The Benefits of Well Water

By | 14/02/2019

An estimated 42 million Americans use wells to supply their drinking water. If you’ve never lived in a rural area before, you might not be aware of the many benefits of residential well water.

Well Water Tastes Better

The majority of people prefer the taste of well water over municipal tap water. Well water is filtered underground, giving it a lower pH. Well water is also free of chlorine and fluoride. Some people think this gives well water a taste comparable to bottled water.

Never Pay for Municipal Water Again

If you’re having a new well installed, you’ll have an upfront cost to pay. Fortunately, many states offer tax incentives for homeowners with well systems. Once the well is installed, the only cost you’ll incur is the price of annual water testing. No more monthly water bills!

Health Benefits

Most municipal water is sourced from lakes and rivers. Any industrial runoff, raw sewage and general pollution in the region will contaminate that water. Recent studies found there are low levels of pharmaceutical drugs in almost all public drinking water. Well water isn’t exposed to the same contaminants as municipal water.

Higher Property Values

A self-sufficient water supply increases property values. As buyers become more environmentally conscious, they are looking for new ways to be eco-friendly. Well water is filtered naturally, and there is no need to add harsh chemicals like chlorine, making well water safer for the environment.

If you’re worried about property value, it’s important that you keep your well in top condition. A neglected well can actually harm property values.

Drilling a well is not a task that should be taken lightly. The quality of the water can affect the health of your family. Consult the best well drillers in Salisbury NC so you’ll know the job is done right. Qualified well drillers also provide septic services, bladder tanks, water conditioning, commercial wells, well rehabilitation and well abandonment services.