Factors That Determine Dryer Vent Cleaning

By | 12/09/2018

You have put many safety measures in your homes such as dryer vent cleaning, indoor window and door locks, carbon monoxide detectors, stair rails and even a non-slippery mat at the base of your bathtub. All these precautions are taken to protect your loved ones from potential harm or any other danger. Of more interest here is dryer vent. Many homeowners underestimate the importance of this.

A clogged vent doesn’t only affect air flow into your house; it can lead to even fires as more than fifteen thousand people can attest to yearly.do not wait until the risk hit you when you can curb it in advance. Make a consideration of having dryer vent cleaning done regularly. Note that the usage frequency influences production and accumulation of lint which is responsible for clogging of dryer vents. Other factors that impact on how frequently the vent require cleaning include the following.

  1. Pets

There is a high probability that the hair from your pets clings to the items in your house such as bedding, towels, and clothing. Even if you don’t clean the bedding of your pets regularly, there is a lot of residual hair in laundry to make some impact.

  1. Location

The distance from your outdoor vent to the laundry room is an important factor. If the distance is short, you can expect more dust and other mess to get there. In this case, you may need regular dryer vent cleaning.

  1. Number of Occupants

Along with increased loads, more inhabitants imply more beddings and towels are being laundered one of the significant producers of lint.

  1. Purchasing Habits

Usually, new clothes contribute more lint compared to the old ones. In families where children quickly outgrow their clothing, production of lint is a bit higher. As a result, frequent dryer vent cleaning is mandatory.

Warning Signs

These are signs that you need dryer vent cleaning:

  1. Reduced Efficiency

If the loads are taking a long time to dry, the reason could be low airflow as a result of lint build up.

  1. Things Are Heating Up

If your dryer feels so hot when you touch it, or your clothes are unusually very hot when you remove them from the dryer, these are enough signs your vent in compromised.

  1. There Is Irritating Odour

If the residual lint is trapped around the drum or any other point in the exhaust tube, it heats up and eventually burns. If you suspect this kind of odour, switch the unit off and call for assistance.

  1. You Can See the Lint

If you see link just around the outside of the hose pipe, call for dryer vent cleaning before it’s too late.

  1. It’s Been Long Since You Inspected It

A yearly inspection is the guaranteed protection against all severe build-up.

Consequences of Dirty Dryer Vents

  1. Equipment failure

 If the airflow is restricted, your dryer may work forcefully, causing more regular repairs on some parts.

  1. Fire

The accumulation of exhaust gasses and a lot of heat, along with many flammable elements such as lint can lead to a devastating fire.