Don’t Destroy Helpful Plants in Your Lake or Pond!

By | 04/08/2018

Water Plants

If you have a pond or lake, you will likely notice the growing number of plants. While some of these plants may just be pests, others might actually be protected. Some of these plants are used as food for certain species of wildlife and thus should not be removed. The same for those plants that are often used for shelter. If you’re considering removing plant species from your lake or pond, then you should consult with The Lake Doctors first. They can assist with pond algae identification to make sure that what you’re removing from your pond or lake is actually good to remove.

Acquatic Plant Identifaction

There are a few broad categories that water plants tend to fall under when inspecting them. They are submersed, floating, emergent, and algae. The submersed category includes plants that are essentially completely underwater. They are rooted at the bottom in the dirt. They may also at times have flowers that appear above the water. Many of these plants are exotic and thus pests. The Lake Doctors can help you remove these unwanted exotic species from your lake or pond.

The next category is floating plants. As their name might suggest, these plants tend to float along the surface. Sometimes they might be rooted to the ground. Primarily, they receive their nutrients from the water. These plants can sometimes be protected, so it’s best to leave it to the professionals to decide on if they should or can be removed.

Emergent plants are found primarily in the shallows of water. While they do not need constant water interaction to live, they can survive when submerged. Their flowering parts are often above the waterline.

Algae is a popular form of an organism that tends to group together to create what appears to be a blanket of moss. Since fish eat algae it may not be wise to completely remove these from your pond or lake. Professionals can help.