4 Reasons to Choose a Custom Home Build

By | 10/10/2019

If home is where the heart is, then your home should be everything you dream it should be. A custom home build may just the ticket if you own a piece of land and desire the perfect getaway. Here are some of the main reasons people choose a custom home builder for their dream house.

Floor Plans

One of the main reasons people choose a custom architectural design is because they are not in love with the available options at a regular builder. Maybe they have special design needs or interests. Sometimes the cookie-cutter model simply is not for them. A custom home build lets you choose the architect and floor plan.

Project Control

Working with a regular builder gives you minimal if any control over the project. Building a custom home allows far greater control from design to completion. While you may not make all decisions, you have far greater input than simply choosing what color carpet to put in. You can choose the design, customize the floor plan, pick out the fixtures, import items and choose the contractor to work with.

More Options

Tired of only getting to choose between a handful of flooring and paint options? A custom build can give you access to a vast array of product choices in your budget. Setting a budget ahead of time can keep you from going over, but you can still choose items you love. Maybe you love marble countertops and Italian chandeliers but are fine with a simple paint choice. The options are nearly endless.

Your Land

Rather than building on a setup subdivision, you can find that dream parcel of land, buy it and build the home that fits the dream. A custom home build doesn’t limit your ability to recreate that dream home. Rather you get the ability to pick the perfect spot to look out your windows each morning. Use a design-build company or work with a contractor and architect separately.