Lap Siding For Your Home

By | 11/11/2017

Lap siding or horizontal siding is made from long planks that are installed onto a building’s exterior in a way that causes them to overlap. It is traditionally made from wood, but it can also be made from vinyl, fiber-cement, or other building materials. Lap siding is by far the most popular option for modern homes due to the ease of installation and price.

The Advantages of Lap Siding

One of the biggest advantages of lap siding versus vertical siding is its price. It is by far the least expensive siding option, making it perfect for homeowners who are on a tight budget. It is also very easy to install. Lap siding comes in large planks that cover the width of a building’s outer wall, so installation merely involves putting them in place and ensuring that they stay there. You may still need to contact a good contractor if you want a high-quality wood siding installed, but you might be able to install a less expensive vinyl siding by yourself. In any case, it will take about half the amount of time to install lap siding than it will to install vertical siding.

The Disadvantages of Lap Siding

Despite lap siding’s many benefits, it does carry some drawbacks. First of all, it is less durable than vertical siding. When it rains and water runs down the side of the building, it can seep between the siding planks and do some serious damage. This is less likely to occur with vinyl and other kinds of water-resistant materials, but wood siding can be damaged by rain, especially if any of the siding becomes dislodged. It is also more difficult to clean lap siding thanks to the way water runs down it. It can be done, but homeowners need to be careful when it comes time to clean ther homes’ outer walls.

Lap Siding Portland Oregon

The good news about lap siding is that most of the disadvantages associated with it can be overcome with good installation by a local contractor. There are some excellent contractors who specialize in lap siding installation. With their help, you can be certain to have a great-looking home without having to spend too much time and money during the installation process.