How to Prepare Your Home for a Flood

By | 06/06/2017

Living near bodies of water and in lower elevations mean you are always at risk for a flood. Staying prepared is the best way to deal with this type of natural disaster. Below are a few ways you can stay prepared and minimize loss.

Stay Weather-Aware

If you live in a flood zone and near rivers, you do not have to have rain falling in your immediate vicinity to experience serious flooding. Any large amounts of moisture that fall up-river can send walls of water your way. Complete flooding of your area can happen in a shockingly short amount of time. Stay tuned to the weather and listen for flood alerts.

Add Flood-Proofing Features to Your Home

Raising a home, adding berms and placing water heaters, HVAC units and electrical boxes in upper levels of the home can prevent a few expensive fixes. Begin adding sandbags around the home if you are alerted that a flood is imminent. It is a lot of work, but has the potential to help keep your home water-free.

Pack Essential Items and Valuables in Preparation

Do not wait until the last minute to pack the essentials if you are asked to evacuate. Take all valuables you cannot live without well ahead of advancing flood waters. Remember to bring important documents like birth certificates, marriage certificate, social security cards, insurance papers, mortgage, school records and immunizations, just to name a few.

Never Leave Pets Behind

It is not wise to leave pets behind with an impending flood. Moving them to the top floor of the home might seem like a good idea, but what if you cannot make it back right away? They could die of starvation or thirst. leaving large amounts of food and water is not always helpful. Water can get spilled by an over-anxious animal. The structure could collapse. Find friends, relatives or kennels to place them in until the danger passes.

Hire Professionals to Help Clean and Restore the House

Never return to the home until you are told it is safe to do so. Flood waters are filled with all sorts of contaminants that are unsafe. Hire a professional company to assist in the clean-up and sanitation of your home.

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