Garden Design Inc.

By | 06/10/2018

garden designWe take a look at some of the free of charge computer software that makes it possible for you to plan and style a new garden. Alternatively, numerous students enjoy taking a sideways step and enrolling on an alternative diploma level course in order to broaden their information of the design and style globe, such as the Diploma in Specialist Interior Design Skills or the Diploma in Expertise for Curtain Generating & Soft Furnishings.

Floral and Hardy delivers a comprehensive resolution for your garden design demands, our consideration to detail, operate top quality and buyer service are second to none, guaranteeing that each component of the design and creation phase goes to program with absolute perfection.

The simplest formal garden would be a box-trimmed hedge lining or enclosing a meticulously laid out flowerbed or garden bed of simple geometric shape, such as a knot garden The more created and elaborate formal gardens include statuary and design

By means of a series of sensible style projects, underpinned by an understanding of garden design principles and concepts, students develop skills in garden design, style evaluation, planting style, challenging landscaping and construction, drawing and presentation.

So not only will you acquire tuition from Andrew Wilson and the other College Directors on the Garden Design Diploma, you will also work with tutors such as Peter Thurman, technical specialists such as Martin Kelley and award winning designers such as Adam Frost, Philip Nixon, James Alexander-Sinclair, Jo Thompson and John Wyer.