2018 Landscape Trends

By | 11/05/2018

Many of the landscape design ideas for 2018 are conducive to homes with small lawns. However, the ideas can easily be expanded to create an attractive landscape design in a spacious lawn. Regardless of the property size, one of the main goals of a front landscape design is to achieve impressive curb appeal. The design plan for the backyard typically focuses on providing a relaxation area or a space for entertaining.

Achieving Maximum Curb Appeal

One popular trend for front lawns is to create a landscape design that incorporates hardscapes. Hardscaping involves the use of materials such as rocks, bricks, pavers and concrete to create attractive driveways, walkways and retaining walls. Combining hardscape materials with landscape items such as trees, shrubs and flowers is an excellent way to achieve impressive curb appeal for your front lawn. This same combination can be used to create a backyard design that is low maintenance, functional and attractive.

Designing a Personal Backyard Retreat

A key component of a private retreat space is fencing. Family fence tampa has various types of fencing that can provide privacy, security and enhance the appearance of your property. You’ll need to assess the various types of fencing available to determine what will best fulfill your need. Fencing can be both functional and decorative.  A shed can be added to your backyard to serve as a retreat space. A water feature, garden art, chimes and outdoor furniture can be used to create a retreat you’ll love spending time in.


Alfresco dining is gaining popularity among the 2018 trends. You get a closer experience with nature when the dining area is positioned farther from the house. The area can be enhanced by planting trees, shrubs and flowers nearby. The aroma of flowers and the sound of birds in the trees can make dining alfresco a special event.

Being flexible with your design plans is a great way to achieve a landscape design that will fit your property size and lifestyle. Your outdoor space can become an extension of your living, dining and entertaining space.