Welcome to MongoModel.

What is MongoModel?

MongoModel is a Ruby ORM for MongoDB designed to be compatible with Rails 3. If you've used ActiveRecord or DataMapper before, you should feel right at home.

As an example, here is a MongoModel definition of a simple blog post:

class Post < MongoModel::Document
  property :title, String, :required => true
  property :tags, Collection[String]
  belongs_to :author, :class => User

About This Site

This site will help you to get started with MongoModel, beginning with installation and walking you through the major features of MongoModel. It is a work in progress at this stage, so stay tuned as I release each section as it is completed.

As a sidenote, this web site uses MongoModel on the backend. Please let me know if you are also using MongoModel in production.