4 Reasons to Choose a Custom Home Build

If home is where the heart is, then your home should be everything you dream it should be. A custom home build may just the ticket if you own a piece of land and desire the perfect getaway. Here are some of the main reasons people choose a custom home builder for their dream house.

Floor Plans

One of the main reasons people choose a custom architectural design is because they are not in love with the available options at a regular builder. Maybe they have special design needs or interests. Sometimes the cookie-cutter model simply is not for them. A custom home build lets you choose the architect and floor plan.

Project Control

Working with a regular builder gives you minimal if any control over the project. Building a custom home allows far greater control from design to completion. While you may not make all decisions, you have far greater input than simply choosing what color carpet to put in. You can choose the design, customize the floor plan, pick out the fixtures, import items and choose the contractor to work with.

More Options

Tired of only getting to choose between a handful of flooring and paint options? A custom build can give you access to a vast array of product choices in your budget. Setting a budget ahead of time can keep you from going over, but you can still choose items you love. Maybe you love marble countertops and Italian chandeliers but are fine with a simple paint choice. The options are nearly endless.

Your Land

Rather than building on a setup subdivision, you can find that dream parcel of land, buy it and build the home that fits the dream. A custom home build doesn’t limit your ability to recreate that dream home. Rather you get the ability to pick the perfect spot to look out your windows each morning. Use a design-build company or work with a contractor and architect separately.…

How to Avoid Accidental Lockouts

Nothing is more frustrating than rushing outside to meet a delivery person, only to find that you’ve locked yourself out of your home. Suddenly, your plans for your day are derailed. Perhaps you have to make an embarrassing call to an employer or friend to say that you will be late. While Orlando lockout services can help you this time, you certainly want to avoid a repeat occurrence. 

Make It a Habit to Always Carry Keys Outside

Hang your keys by your door on a hook. When you go outside, even if it is just to get the newspaper, put the key in your pocket. This helps to make it a habit to always check that you have your key with you when you step outside. Some doors are easy to accidentally lock behind you by banging against them; having a key on you will prevent this from becoming a disaster.

Leave Spare Keys With a Neighbor

Choose two neighbors who have a schedule similar to yours to hold spare copies of your keys. In return, you can offer to hold their keys. Choose trustworthy neighbors that you know will not enter your house without your permission. It can be helpful to copy your key in a distinctive color that your neighbor can easily tell apart from their other keys.

Hide a Spare Key in a Lockbox

Thieves know to look for spare keys under fake rocks, flower pots, and doormats. If you hide a key under a real rock in a garden, bad weather or animals could displace the key. Some people hide spare keys in a wallet, but if your wallet is stolen, the thief knows your home address from your drivers’ license. A spare key in a car’s glove box will not help you if you have run out of the house and your car keys are still inside the house. Instead of these options, get a lockbox with a code.

With some good habits and planning you can prevent the pain of future lockouts.…

Headline: The Benefits of Well Water

An estimated 42 million Americans use wells to supply their drinking water. If you’ve never lived in a rural area before, you might not be aware of the many benefits of residential well water.

Well Water Tastes Better

The majority of people prefer the taste of well water over municipal tap water. Well water is filtered underground, giving it a lower pH. Well water is also free of chlorine and fluoride. Some people think this gives well water a taste comparable to bottled water.

Never Pay for Municipal Water Again

If you’re having a new well installed, you’ll have an upfront cost to pay. Fortunately, many states offer tax incentives for homeowners with well systems. Once the well is installed, the only cost you’ll incur is the price of annual water testing. No more monthly water bills!

Health Benefits

Most municipal water is sourced from lakes and rivers. Any industrial runoff, raw sewage and general pollution in the region will contaminate that water. Recent studies found there are low levels of pharmaceutical drugs in almost all public drinking water. Well water isn’t exposed to the same contaminants as municipal water.

Higher Property Values

A self-sufficient water supply increases property values. As buyers become more environmentally conscious, they are looking for new ways to be eco-friendly. Well water is filtered naturally, and there is no need to add harsh chemicals like chlorine, making well water safer for the environment.

If you’re worried about property value, it’s important that you keep your well in top condition. A neglected well can actually harm property values.

Drilling a well is not a task that should be taken lightly. The quality of the water can affect the health of your family. Consult the best well drillers in Salisbury NC so you’ll know the job is done right. Qualified well drillers also provide septic services, bladder tanks, water conditioning, commercial wells, well rehabilitation and well abandonment services.…

Expert Tips For Home Improvement Savings

One of the most stressful things the homeowner can encounter when it comes to trying to improve upon the appearance of the home is the amount of money it actually costs. It’s true, giving the home a facelift can get to be quite expensive. From the experts of this industry, we bring to you the top tips on how to save money when it comes to home improvement.

  1. Get bids from a few different contractors. Most experts suggest at least 3 contractors. After this, you will want to go with the contractor who offers the lowest price. The only catch is to make sure the contractor was actually referred to you by someone you trust. This eliminates the possibility of running into a “fly by night” type of company.
  2. The homeowner can always choose to buy the building materials themselves instead of having the contractor be responsible for that. The only catch here is that the contractor may work in into the contract that there is no longer a guarantee on the materials since they themselves did not purchase them. This is fair, however, and the materials may very well have warranties included on them from the manufacturer.
  3. Depending on what type of home improvement green cove springs fl is being done, you may want to consider buying remnants directly from the manufacturer. Such things as stone remnants are great for countertops. While the selection will admittedly be limited, you can get phenomenal deals in regards to such things as florring, carpeting, and counter material.
  4. The truly motivated individual may want to even try doing some of the work by themselves. For some of the most basic work, why not give it a shot and avoid paying the professionals to do it an inflated hourly rate?

Low Cost Plywood Kitchen Cabinets That Beat The Massive Box Retailers! WholesaleCabinets.US

white cabinetsDIY cabinet doors painting is the easiest component of painting the kitchen cabinets. I personally do not consider our kitchen cabinets would have been a DIY project right after seeing what Adel went through to obtain this appear. If you go with the Sherwin Williams Pure White (an excellent choice…one of my very favourite whites,) go to Lowe’s and have them tint the Valspar chalk paint to Pure White. The huge windows permit for lots of light to pour in and brighten up the area which in turn highlights the lovely streaking in the granite counters. For the finishing touch we created window boxes covered in black and white patterned fabric and covered the barstools with the very same fabric. I want to hire a person to order my white quartz countertops for me subsequent week so I don’t do some thing stupid! For a minimalistic appear there are Television shelves and cabinets that are floating, and attach to the wall.white cabinets

I would set up a black countertop (it is common at hardware retailers) and it looks fabulous with white and periwinkle blue! You can take it additional with a retro styled kitchen table with a white top and chrome legs, and add great chairs with red seats. The dominating colors are white, black and grey, but designers develop an extraordinary look by means of shapes and patterns. Nonetheless, kitchens with too significantly stainless steel in the kitchen run the danger of seeking cold and utilitarian. I have also looked at a handful of more grayish whites, but I want the whitest kitchen feasible without clashing with my Boulevard walls and Cloud White ceilings. Bring house actual paint samples (numerous brands supply modest sample jars) that you can apply to your walls.

Inside the glass cabinets will be Cedarvale B13-4, which is a subtle coral colour and will be an accent to pick up the color of the existing wallpaper below the chair rail on a single wall. This refreshingly bright kitchen is a fun instance of how to use colour and keep your kitchen feeling open and inviting.

Concrete kitchen countertops are really diverse, but they are high-priced, and if not properly done, they can crack. I kept telling her I wanted one thing distinct but was afraid to do it. Nicely i am undertaking it. I’vs never had painted cabinets ahead of butI think I am going to love them. White kitchen cabinets make color choices for accessories and countertops somewhat simpler to choose an accent color theme throughout the kitchen and surrounding rooms. Discover the most common utilizes for white Television cabinets and other components and get creative.

I completely have to pin this for future reference — I, too, have pure white quartz counter tops that I just really like, love, enjoy! The counters are Lady’s Dream and the floors are a medium wood laminate referred to as Wild Jatoba. I found the white lacquer on-line at only one particular store…in Texas (I am in Michigan). Ivory paint with an earthen cast covers the perimeter cabinets, while the dual islands are painted in black and topped with granite. I am in the midst of a mini remodel in the kitchen and wanted to adjust my decrease cupboards from black to a gray. So, even if you have a modest bathroom, if you are making use of the white bathroom cabinets, it will develop the impression that there is adequate space. I posted a question ahead of about my dilemma on CC-30 vs CC-40 for my kitchen cabinets and you recommended to match up with the trim.…